Business Ownership Division in a Divorce

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Rancho Santa Fe Business Valuation Attorney Andrew P. Johnson

Business ownership division in a divorce must be carefully managed, and there are many facets to these complex cases.  When the future of a closely held family business is at stake in the outcome of a high net worth divorce, the input of an experienced Certified Family Law Specialist with an accounting and business background is essential, if your rights are to be protected.

During his many years of successful  representation of clients in San Diego County, Andrew P. Johnson has prepared many cases involving complex business valuations. Our practice has successfully represented clients who have owned businesses such as veterinary hospitals, medical and dental practices, law practices, financial management professional companies, “S” Corporations, sole proprietorship and schedule “C” tax filers, “C” corporations, multi-level commercial real estate ventures, construction companies, general partnerships, as well as professional athletes and entertainers, radio and television personalities.

The Attorney to Contact When the Future of Your Business is at Stake in a Divorce

Business ownership division in a divorce can be a key issues, and the a closely-held business owner owes many fiduciary duties to your spouse.  Attorney Andrew P. Johnson will explain the fiduciary and disclosure requirements that individuals owe to one another within divorce. These duties are onerous and failure to comply with these duties can result in harsh penalties.  Work with a Certified Family Law Specialist with experience in divorce cases involving a family owned or closely-held business.  There are several sound strategies that can offset the spouse’s community property interest in the business while allowing the business to survive and prosper.

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