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Andrew P. Johnson is a Certified Family Law Specialist providing North County San Diego residents with responsive, high quality and individually personalized divorce and family law representation for over 10 years. His experience and educational background in business and accounting provides expertise, as well as a broad perspective when approaching unique complications in your particular circumstances and the issues you will face during the divorce process.

Full Representation to Self Representation

Our team is uniquely structured to provide the level of service that is best for your situation.  If you are attempting to handle the divorce on your own and are tired of going to the Court and waiting in line we can help.  Our paralegals can prepare Court-ready documents and help to answer the questions you have for a very reasonable fee.  We offer a “coaching session” in our office directly across the street from the North County Superior Courthouse in Vista.  You will meet with one of our experienced attorneys who will prepare you for your hearing, and what to expect.  You will feel more confident and comfortable walking into Court forearmed with genuine knowledge and guidance from experienced family law attorneys.

We also offer blended approaches, representing you only when needed such as custody, support or protection order hearings.  Many cases change in the middle of the process, and become contested divorces.  If your spouse has hired an attorney and things become challenging we can represent you through every step of the process including hearings, negotiations, mediation and appearances in Court.

Primary Issues in a Divorce

Divorce in California is always an emotional issue, but completing a divorce is a complex process. This process is not being made any easier or less complex due to new legislation, as well as the current fiscal environment that is draining judicial resources. There are several issues to take into account such as:
Division of Property, Assets and Liabilities – Questions about the disposition of the family home, Cars, tax ramifications and division of personal property, investments and debts owed by the couple.
Child Custody and Visitation – How will custody be divided between the parents, who will be the primary custodian, and what will the schedule for visitation become for each parent?
Child Support – How the California guidelines for Child Support apply to your unique situation.
Spousal Support / Alimony – Each divorce is different, and there are several factors that will affect whether or not spousal support is appropriate, and if so how long it will last and in what form or amount.
Retirement Accounts / Pensions – If there are 401k, IRAs or other retirement or pension related accounts there will need to be specific documents and legal instruments to ensure proper division and ultimate disposition of these issues.
Business Ownership If you or your spouse own an interest in a business or professional practice there are extensive steps required to properly account for the value of that business interest, and to make appropriate division in a way that will not harm the ongoing or future operations of the business.
High Income Wage Earners There are several potential complications in this arena including self employment, actual income (versus what is claimed as net income on a tax return), spikes and valleys in income over the past and coming years, as well as calculation of spousal and child support outside of California guidelines.

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